Artwork: Geoffrey Cottenceau and Romain Rousset,

Here are some links to what we are reading around here…

Silicon Valley Culture, but in San Francisco?- By Damon Darlin, New York Times
Room to work- By Gregory Bresiger, New York Post
Who Moved My Cube- by Anne-Laure Fayard and John Weeks, Harvard Business Review
Talking Telework- By John Salamone and Crystal Irish Rogall, Government Executive Magazine
Companies Are Erecting In-House Social Networks- By Verne G. Koptoff, New York Times
Training Secrets from Inside the Googleplex- By E.B. Boyd, Fast Company
Mr. Designer, Tear Down This (Cubicle) Wall- By Andrew Laing, Director, DEGW New York, Building Operating Management
Space for Personalised Learning- by Andrew Harrison
4 Tips for Improving Your Home Office Environment- By Susan Johnston w/ Bryant Rice, Director, DEGW San Francisco,

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