Artwork: Geoffrey Cottenceau and Romain Rousset,

Here are some links to what we are reading around here…

Silicon Valley Culture, but in San Francisco?– By Damon Darlin, New York Times
Room to work– By Gregory Bresiger, New York Post
Who Moved My Cube– by Anne-Laure Fayard and John Weeks, Harvard Business Review
Talking Telework– By John Salamone and Crystal Irish Rogall, Government Executive Magazine
Companies Are Erecting In-House Social Networks– By Verne G. Koptoff, New York Times
Training Secrets from Inside the Googleplex– By E.B. Boyd, Fast Company
Mr. Designer, Tear Down This (Cubicle) Wall– By Andrew Laing, Director, DEGW New York, Building Operating Management
Space for Personalised Learning– by Andrew Harrison
4 Tips for Improving Your Home Office Environment– By Susan Johnston w/ Bryant Rice, Director, DEGW San Francisco,