By James Brucz
Right now, somewhere between the 74th west and 51st east meridian there is someone wearing pajamas 33,000 feet in the air, moving at almost Mach one speeds. No, it’s not superman sleeping in a jet stream, which would be awesome — it’s one of many professionals who is flying business class with Qatar Airways.

When traveling overseas, “I feel great” is the phrase we all want to say after walking off a plane. Unfortunately, sitting upright in the same place for extended periods of time could be unnerving causing us to imagine a land of puffy white linens and a horizontal state of mind — our bed. Not every passenger has the luxury to fly on a chair/bed that transforms at the push of a button. But if you ever consider flying to Doha, Qatar I highly recommend flying business class. It’s worth the experience and makes you realize what a touch of luxury can do to make your trip more enjoyable bringing you a step closer to walking off the plane with a smile. You might even want to solute the pilot upon exiting.

I thought business class was all hype — thinking “look at your fancy 24 square feet per person and flat screen televisions” as I proceed to my seat — 35R in economy. However, I want to give the staff of Qatar Airways and my Optimus Prime seat a lot of credit. My jet-lag was cut down to a day, I left with a full stomach, and to be honest I could have stayed longer. Who would say no to gourmet meals, a bed, and 100% micro-fleece cotton pajamas?

There is a drawback. What do I do if I don’t fly business class. I can’t fathom the situation now. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. All I would think of is the super service behind the curtain door. Should I hope this feeling rubs off? I say yes and no. I got a lot of work done and who doesn’t like non-stop lattes, but I start to notice things like is the corner of my toast charred and is this bed really flat? I would never think particular of these things while sitting in economy. Every fault is like kryptonite to the super feeling. Maybe next time I should just fall asleep and let the jet stream take me home.