By Amy Kwok
“Agile, Scrum, Scrummaster.” At first utterance it may sound like a Dungeons and Dragon game but once you get into what agile development really is, it’s really not that foreign and can actually be kind of cool.

In layman’s terms, agile development is about different methods and processes of working which was initially created by software developers in their daily work processes and work with teams. Here in San Francisco and being surrounded by the tech industries, it is no wonder that we’re finding that other groups and industries beyond the tech world are starting to adopt agile development techniques as part of their way of working.

This past February, DEGW and Carbon 5 hosted a roundtable discussion with a mix of developers and real estate professionals on agile methodology and its implications on teams, technology and space.  The following is a brief summary of the content we gathered from the roundtable:

  •  Ten basic rules of agile space
  • Different agile personalities and who might use what type of agile techniques
  • How to make your space depending on what types of agile processes your team uses
  • Basic toolkit of parts to creating an agile space – for those who are working with a limited budget and something for those with a little extra money to spend.

The results from this workshop has been documented and you can find recommendations for creating agile spaces available here.

Also, if you ever find yourself getting stuck at work, it might be useful to employ an agile process to your work day or team meeting. Some additional resources on agile processes: