The same practice, now strengthened with a broader range of related expertise.

For four decades, DEGW has guided organizations on the relationships between people and the design of physical place to enhance organizational performance. This tradition continues on a wider platform, as DEGW becomes the Strategy Plus practice at AECOM.

Strategy Plus is a new practice at AECOM that joins together the strategy consultants of DEGW with AECOM’s planners, interior designers, architects and building engineers. From insight to implementation, Strategy Plus enables clients to evaluate and optimize their performance—from the policies that shape their workforce to the buildings and spaces where work is conducted.

It’s strategy plus design; strategy plus planning; strategy plus ecology; strategy plus engineering. More effective workplaces yield benefits beyond work productivity. They use space more efficiently, conserve energy, and are more intelligently linked into the wider network of built, natural and social environments.

While the DEGW name will change in October 2012, the business continues: the same people serving clients worldwide, now strengthened by a growing range of complementary expertise. Between May and October, expect to see both the DEGW and Strategy Plus names, as we complete the brand transition to give our clients access to enhanced resource.

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