Welcome to the DEGW North America blog!

DEGW is a strategic business consultancy with North American offices in New York, San Francisco and Washington DC, and consultants in Chicago and Los Angeles.  On this blog we want to introduce you to some of the DEGW folks behind these projects and as the creators, innovators and experts in the workplace and other environments where the interaction between people, process and place is important to improve performance. Check out www.degw.com to find out more about our projects and services.

Our people help clients to capitalize on a vital dynamic; the relationship between people and the design of physical place to enhance organizational performance.

We help to deliver tangible and sustainable business value. Through rigorous and clearly structured evidence and through an ability to really listen to the aspirations, strategic needs and practical commercial concerns of our clients, DEGW develops insightful solutions to organizations challenges.

DEGW’s work integrates research, strategy, and spatial concepts for occupants, designers and owners. It is informed by a deep understanding of the changing nature of working and learning globally, regionally, and locally, and is applied across a range of sectors – corporate workplaces, government workplaces, learning and research environments, and healthcare environments.

As renowned thought leaders in the strategic use of place for over 30 years, DEGW continues to develop solutions that generate sustainable business value.

Globally, DEGW operates from a network of offices in Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. Our people provide a unique mix of professional and consulting backgrounds which enable an integrated view of the potential of people, place and performance for our clients.

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