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By Amy Kwok
“Agile, Scrum, Scrummaster.” At first utterance it may sound like a Dungeons and Dragon game but once you get into what agile development really is, it’s really not that foreign and can actually be kind of cool.

In layman’s terms, agile development is about different methods and processes of working which was initially created by software developers in their daily work processes and work with teams. Here in San Francisco and being surrounded by the tech industries, it is no wonder that we’re finding that other groups and industries beyond the tech world are starting to adopt agile development techniques as part of their way of working. Read the rest of this entry »


Here’s an interesting fact: if there’s a blizzard, it takes the Denver International Airport (DIA) only 17 minutes to clear the runway of snow and resume normal operations. At times of inclement weather  or crisis, everyone who works at the airport pitches in  and works hard to get the airport up and running again.

It was exactly this type of collaboration that DEGW sought to magnify when working with DIA to create a set of standards that would guide the design and use of its workspace.
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