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By Peter Bacevice,
How often does a fast growing entertainment start-up company hang out with your team? Has a sustainable food blogger enlightened you over lunch, or has a fashion designer inspired your upcoming summer look with a virtual runway? It is accepted wisdom that creativity stems from chance encounters. In some organizations, chance encounters are often embedded in routines among colleagues. At best, you might run into someone you haven’t seen in a while as you grab coffee. But a new workplace trend will ensure that you encounter some radically different people and ideas. Read the rest of this entry »


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Peter Bacevice, PhD
My colleagues and I recently engaged in a happy hour conversation about the current “pop up” trend in business.  From restaurants and food trucks to art galleries and retail stores, entrepreneurs and seasoned businesses alike are tapping into consumer demand for continuously refreshed and creative experiences.  A pop up venue is an opportunity for a business owner to:

  • Test drive a new idea
  • Leverage local and seasonal resources
  • Involve the user and gauge their reactions
  • Experiment in different locations

Much like the design process, a pop up business is a great way to jumpstart innovation through rapid prototyping and then determining what worked and what didn’t work. Read the rest of this entry »

By Peter Bacevice
Organizations value flexibility.  Flexible work patterns and workspaces give companies the room they need to innovate and grow.  But what if there was more to the concept of flexibility than what we take at face value?

A recent article in the California Management Review presented an interesting perspective on the range of organizational flexibility:

  • Resilient and robust organizations recover smoothly from downturns and disruptions while growing stronger and reinventing new opportunities.  This is innovation as reacting.  For example, many university libraries are divesting books and reinventing themselves as knowledge navigation hubs with innovative new services.
  • Agile and versatile companies create a sense of urgency, move quickly with dexterity, redefine the playing field, and imagine new possibilities.  This is innovation as enacting.  Look to any social media company to understand this phenomenon in action.

What does this mean for today’s high performance workplaces? Read the rest of this entry »