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Thanks to our friends at Loosecubes for featuring DEGW’s very own Peter Bacevice in their latest newsletter. Peter recently wrote a guest post on the Loosecubes blog about networked individualism and its impact on work culture.  Check it out and be inspired to Crowdsource Your Next Water Cooler Chat!


Our friends over at Loosecubes have kicked off the Summer Coworking Challenge— a month-long campaign to raise the awareness of coworking. From June 6th – July 4th, Loosecubes will be promoting coworking to the masses and encouraging potential coworkers to give it a try (and have fun doing it). Loosecubes members will be able to book any space in the community at no charge.

So, challenge yourself to be happier, more productive, and better connected. Try coworking for FREE and join the movement toward a better way of working.

For more information and to get involved in the Summer Coworking Challenge, click here.

If you are interested in booking a loosecube at DEGW, check out our space profile!

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By Peter Bacevice,
How often does a fast growing entertainment start-up company hang out with your team? Has a sustainable food blogger enlightened you over lunch, or has a fashion designer inspired your upcoming summer look with a virtual runway? It is accepted wisdom that creativity stems from chance encounters. In some organizations, chance encounters are often embedded in routines among colleagues. At best, you might run into someone you haven’t seen in a while as you grab coffee. But a new workplace trend will ensure that you encounter some radically different people and ideas. Read the rest of this entry »

By Dave Collins
“We’re smart apes to develop a society that keeps us indoors on warm summer days”

What if we all worked outside? That is to say, what if the roof and walls of our office buildings were suddenly vaporized and we found ourselves exposed to the breeze and birds? Could we still be productive? Would we still be able to spell check our memos, to pivot our tables, to mail merge our contacts? Would we be blinded by the glare on our laptops?

Let’s say hypothetically for a minute that we live in a climate with ideal weather. Let’s call this place “California”. Let’s also say that we have access to a wireless modem, smartphone, laptop computer and backup rechargeable batteries. What would stop us from working outside all day, every day? Read the rest of this entry »

By Bryant Rice
I recently viewed the new film Cowboys and Aliens from Dreamworks I liked it… more than I thought I would. Jon Favreau and Steven Spielberg  set about creating a modern interpretation of two previously well defined movie genres; the cowboy western of the 50’s and the sci-fi alien-comes-to-get-you thriller. The hybrid is refreshingly witty while providing many of the tried and true characters, relationships and scenarios introduced in the past. The “mash up” makes it better.

Seeing guns, spears and bowie knives paired with jets and an amazing piece of arm weaponry made me think of how many other things are made more interesting or relevant when viewed from a new perspective. Man Ray’s photography  takes the ordinary and reinterprets it with a focus on a detail, or a reference to a completely different subject. Duchamp did the same thing when he put that urinal on a museum pedestal. Read the rest of this entry »