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By Amy Kwok
“Agile, Scrum, Scrummaster.” At first utterance it may sound like a Dungeons and Dragon game but once you get into what agile development really is, it’s really not that foreign and can actually be kind of cool.

In layman’s terms, agile development is about different methods and processes of working which was initially created by software developers in their daily work processes and work with teams. Here in San Francisco and being surrounded by the tech industries, it is no wonder that we’re finding that other groups and industries beyond the tech world are starting to adopt agile development techniques as part of their way of working. Read the rest of this entry »


By Katie Boothroyd

Agile & Scrum is a method used in software development (originated in manufacturing) that focuses on rapid, iterative work cycles, and relies on collaboration, flexibility, and transparency more so than the traditional Waterfall method. More and more we’re seeing agile implementation with tech clients, as well as organizations with growing software components. Although the Manifesto for Agile Software Development defines the entire approach, and references such as the Agile Academy are easily accessible, we’ve noticed that each organization, and even teams within the same organization, practices only some of the methods. We set out to find out why…

DEGW partnered with Carbon 5 to host an Agile Roundtable with Real Estate/Facilities professionals and Agile Software Developers from a variety of companies, ranging from organizations as large as Yahoo! and SAP to as small as a sole proprietor and start-up from around the San Francisco Bay Area. The event was held at the Autodesk Gallery in SF, which was an excellent venue for our interactive half-day session. Read the rest of this entry »

photo: Chris Doss Photography

By Pete Bacevice
Many cool things have been “popping up” lately in DEGW’s New York office.  After writing about “pop up businesses” and “organizational agility” in recent blog posts, we decided to get some first hand exposure to these trends by importing some if it to our space.

We partnered with Teknion to create a “pop-up” interactive zone in our space to serve as a gathering spot and focal point for our recent office open house.  With an RSVP list of nearly 100 people, we wanted to see how quickly our office could be transformed from a workplace to a social venue.  With only a few weeks of lead time, Teknion designed, shipped, and assembled a lounge seating system specifically for this event.  We are continuing to pilot this system for different events and uses, and we will post updates to this blog in the near future. Read the rest of this entry »

By Paul Schuette
DEGW recently hosted a government roundtable in Washington D.C. It focused on Re-thinking Learning Environments: The Evolution of Education and Training in Government. It brought together federal government professionals to share and discuss innovations around where and how the federal workforce is learning and training today, and trends for tomorrow. Read the rest of this entry »

By William Plunkett
DEGW recently hosted a roundtable event in Washington, D.C to discuss the changing nature of training, education, and learning in the public sector.  In a time when government agencies need to make every dollar go as far as possible, training programs are frequently at risk of being reduced or even eliminated.  Presenters and professionals from across the federal government were on hand to talk about how training is happening today and the trends for tomorrow.

  • How can we leverage cross-agency collaboration?
  • Are shared training resources helping drive government innovation?
  • What have been the impacts of distributed teams on virtual learning environments?
  • How are social networks and social media creating new models of education? Read the rest of this entry »

By Emily Golembiewski
Recently, I attended the Global Service Design Conference with colleague Katie Boothroyd, client Greg Petroff, our favorite service design drinks host Jamin Hegeman, and a host of other wonderful folks. The service design community is truly international, and it cuts across academic, public and private industries.

Jeff Pollard from McDonald’s opened the session by showing their ‘test lab’  which is a giant warehouse with several working scale mock-ups of kitchens. These environments allow them to test innovations in spatial design and service design, and to train staff members in a contained (but realistic) environment. How wonderful would it be to be able to have full scale mock-ups before committing to construction and build-out schedules? Read the rest of this entry »

By Adam Stoltz
I find attending industry conferences incredibly valuable. This is important, especially considering the rising costs of registration fees, travel and those little bottles of water in your room that hotels try to sucker you into drinking. [Full disclosure: only most hotels do this; but the Downtown Phoenix Sheraton isn’t one of them… the water in my room was complimentary! Ironically, I drank none of it and will be expensing the over-priced water I bought from the lobby gift shop.]

The obvious value for me comes from meeting new clients, partners, friends, and checking out the competition. But my recent experience in Phoenix at IFMA’s 2011 World Workplace provided me with some valuable takeaways I didn’t see coming: All of us industry professionals need to do a better job at sharing the stories, knowledge and insights we have when speaking or presenting  a topic. Most of us, me included, aren’t good enough right now. At least, not as good as we could be. Our shortcomings tend to detract from the message and fail to live up to rising attendee expectations.

So, here’s what I propose: Read the rest of this entry »

Attending upcoming IFMA, NeoCon East or CoreNet events?  We are too. Check out what DEGW experts have to say about telecommuting and flexible workplace myths, improving workplace quality while decreasing its footprint, going mobile, and strategic portfolio planning & alternative workplace strategies. We hope to see you there!


Dispelling the Myths of a Telecommuting + Flexible Workplace Program
Thursday, October 27, 2011 | 8-9am
Speakers: Adam Stoltz, Associate Director, DEGW; Jeffrey Martin, TIAA-CREF

DEGW @ NeoCon East

Living the Future: How to Improve Workplace Quality While Decreasing its Footprint
Wednesday, November 2, 2011 | 9:30-10:30am
Speakers: Adam Stoltz, Associate Director, DEGW; Kevin Kelly, Senior Architect, Center for Workplace Delivery, GSA-PBS

DEGW @ CoreNet Global Summit

Going Mobile! SNAP Session
Monday, November 7, 2011 | 2:30-4pm
Speakers: Bryant Rice, Director, DEGW; Dawn Birkett, Real Estate Porfolio Manager,

Reducing the Risks of Unpredictability: Strategic Portfolio Planning & Alternative Workplace Strategies
Monday, Nov 7, 2011 | 11-12:30am
Speakers: Bernice Boucher, Director, DEGW; Amy Trulson, Regional Workplace Strategist, Americas, Microsoft; Ryan Doerfler, Director, GSA Public Buildings Service; Kim Vanderland, Director, Workplace Innovation, Capital One; Christian Bigsby, SVP Worldwide Real Estate and Facilities, GSK

Then check out “Going Mobile” with Bryant Rice, Director, DEGW San Francisco along with Dawn Birkett, Real Estate Portfolio Manager,’s Flexforce program demonstrates a method of designing and implementing a mobility program. It’s timing has
built on the successes of previous programs in more traditional environments (banking) and added new components that are appropriate to a tech-savvy population. It’s a model of what could happen in other organizations. While demonstrating the success of this type of program, the case study also provides lessons learned, obstacles to be avoided and preferred methods for implementation. The presentation starts at 2:35pm.

And stick around for the Mobility & Virtual Work: Panel Debate at 2:55 with Bryant; Kevin Kelly, Senior Architect, US General Services Administration, Center for Workspace Delivery, PBS; Michael Leone, Vice President, Global Corporate Accounts, Regus; and Philip Ross, CEO, UNWORK & Cordless Group. Read the rest of this entry »

By Dave Collins
The DEGW San Francisco office recently participated in Park(ing) Day 2011. Park(ing) day is an international event where for a single day, people across the world turn metered parking spots into miniature “parklets”. The goal of the annual holiday is to call attention to the need for urban green space and to urge citizens to think creatively about how to use the urban environment. The brainchild of San Francisco based Rebar Art + Design Studio, the event is now in its sixth year, and in 2011 was celebrated by people in 183 cities across the world. Read the rest of this entry »